SATS Coolport

Handling at optimal temperature in temperature-controlled cold rooms

Located at our Singapore hub, SATS Coolport is a purpose-built airfreight terminal that is equipped with electronic temperature monitoring technology and cold rooms with various temperature settings to handle commodities with different temperature requirements. Temperature-sensitive goods transiting in Singapore are swiftly transported to SATS Coolport to ensure that shipments are handled at the required temperature range. On-tarmac coolers are also available to protect the temperature-sensitive cargo when it is transported between flights.

Compliance with IATA standards

SATS Coolport is located within the Free Trade Zone and is designed to meet the highest international standards of cold chain integrity, such as the IATA Centre of Excellence for Independent Validators on Pharmaceutical Handling (CEIV Pharma) and Good Distribution Practice (GDP). This guarantees a continuous and safe cold chain service for our customers.

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