Professional & Reliable Aerospace Logistics Solutions

Singapore Airlines Cargo carries a wide range of Aerospace parts ranging from massive aircraft engines, to odd-size landing gears and small aircraft parts. With our skilled and experienced ground staff, your Aerospace parts are in good hands.

Professional Handling and Security
As part of our value-added services, Heavy Cargo and Weight and Balance certified staff will also be deployed to monitor engine shipments for flights departing from Singapore. There is never a need to worry about damages to the valuable engines. Additionally, all transiting engines through the Singapore hub will be stored in secured warehouses with 24/7 surveillance.

Your Reliable Partner for Aerospace Shipments
Before the lodge-in of every engine shipment, our operations team will evaluate the loading plan and ensure maximum number of tie-down straps required to the aircraft floor in addition to the aircraft side locks. These measures ensure that your engines stay fixed in position throughout the entire flight journey.

Tailor-made Solutions, According to Your Needs
In addition to the scheduled points we operate globally with our fleet of B744 freighters, we can also cater to your needs if there are requirements for ad-hoc freighter drop-ins to any points in the world, usually required for MRO services. In the event of an AOG situation which requires urgent and immediate attention, our dedicated Aerospace team will be able to provide a customized solution as soon as possible.

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  • Key Features

  • Complete safety compliance
  • Ad-hoc drop-in service and urgent AOG assistance
  • Professional handling by Heavy Cargo and Weight and Balance certified operations team
  • Experienced and skilled handling on the ground
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